Stitching Projects

This page shows some recent stitching work: mainly works-in-progress and the rare appearance of something I've finished.

November 2017
Big catch up here with a bit of finished knitting, a couple of handmade notebooks and a stretch of stitching from a week with the Textile Study Group.

Fuss free festival shawl ... already put to lots of use as winter comes closer 

herein lie pages waiting for words 

Two sections of work inspired by fading seed heads and broken twigs -now who would have thought!!! 

And finally a work in progress ....

Above you can see how eucalyptus bark marked the piece of plain white paper that carried some  fragile dress pattern tissue.

Here a stretch of canvas is layered the eco marked tissue paper and the same marks printed onto aged sheet music, a faded map and an scrap of linen. 

Now to work out how to fix them and to see what stitch will add. 

January 2017

Finished at last - the New York Quilt - nothing more to say really.

Slowly mastering the art of spaghetti quilting 

So lucky to have wonderful walls for a bit of a showing off!!! 

The Swindon Postbox and one other piece completed months ago are now with the Framer in Fleaurance. Wonderful to find this workshop in one of the town's backstreets and to have the wisdom of the framer to help with decisions about the finishing touches to small textile pieces. I'l post pics once they are done but meanwhile here's one of the slow seed stitching work I'm doing.

December 2016

The layering, courting and stitching are now completed on the piece I worked on during Wendy Dolan's Architecture in Stitch course in November. Its not really finished but I'm still thinking about how to frame it ... the first step will be stretching it over acid free card, but for now here it is with the   photo that inspired the piece.

Decommissioned  Postbox, Swindon UK 2016  - the photograph
Decommissioned  Postbox, Swindon UK 2016 - fabric, paint and stitch 

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