Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Found: a yoga teacher close to home

After lots of web browsing and phone calls I think I’ve found a yoga teacher near to where I live. She has a quiet studio in her garden, teaches the sort of yoga i like and has a class on a morning I’m free. I had an hour’s lesson with her this afternoon –getting to know her way and having some great feedback on my posture and poses. Wonderful savasana to close –a quiet voice guiding me through relaxation under a cosy blanket.

Its the week to be creative in the on-line poetry course with another challenging task and tight deadline. This one is all about writing in a register or voice that is at odds with the subject … a sort of idea is floating at the moment. More positively lots of good feedback on my last effort from the tutor and the group including really good suggestions for stanza breaks. Best of all I showed my first long poem (70 lines) to a friend and now have some very nice praise, which prompted me to start a praise record for those days when I feel like never writing a poem again.

I’ve been busy with lots of school governor work this week and there’s more to come tomorrow and Friday when I’m going to an INSET day with the staff –should be good.

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