Friday, January 20, 2012

One Day -the book

One Day by David Nicholls is the ideal book to snuggle up in bed with as i did yesterday to escape from the rest of my unheated house. Engaging and pacey, with characters that appealed from the start, this book tells their story on the same day over about 20 years. We meet Emma and Dexter as new graduates idealistic and almost lovers; we leave them after success, failure and all the other rather ordinary things that life holds for all of us. Well done to Nicholls for making this ordinariness amusing, sad, and pleasing to read.

Very lively discussion about A Farewell to Arms at book group last night –most of us struggled with the style especially the dialogue. Long discussion about reading recent history, sentence length and adverbs –and needing to see the book in context to appreciate why Hemmingway’s writing was appreciated so widely. Like me, others had enjoyed it much more when they had read it in their youth.

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