Friday, February 24, 2012

Across the week

Catching up on this week’s events with John Prescott’s rather dull choice of music and self deprecation on Desert Island Discs. Hopefully Woman’s Hour will bring more items of interest –women and cotton is promised, and ironing!!

Spring has arrived this week, a hint of warmth during our continuation of the Thames Path walk, this time from Kingston to Walton. The path runs close to the river so we had swans for company –adults flying higher than I thought they could, followed by youngsters still not quite white that stayed close to the river then too a rest in the mud banks. And yesterday was really warm, so nice to go out into a warmish evening on my way to play bridge … not quite abandon coat but certainly scarf redundant weather.

Slower tasks this week included the satisfaction of finishing a quilt,  nearly finishing the jacket I’ve been knitting with yarn that I dyed in January and reflecting on the failure of my sonnet to please in the on-line course. Work to do there then but this weeks assignment is very different and involves a random ward generator.That feels like play, followed by hard work

Finally, have just started reading Swimming Home by Deborah Levy … a small book, easy to hold when its still cool enough to need snuggle under the covers.

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