Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Some days are working days!

and today was one of those. Just finished drafting an editorial and before lunch,did reviews of three journal papers –the very good, the needs revision and the dreadful. Usual mix and it feels great to be able to cross through some tasks that have been on my to do list for far too long.I’ll go back to the editorial when all the papers for that edition are in, revising it to point the way to each one and hopefully, comment on their individual contributions to the overall message.

Time now to turn to non work. I’ve a turtle in the making once I learnt how to applique without my stitches showing, The quilt I’ve been sewing is nearly ready, long delay with the order for the backing fabric –apparently winter colds and weather to blame. But its now safely with Jane to be quilted and I’ll have time to do the binding. The lesson is to start these projects earlier, of course.

Tomorrow it's my London poetry seminar so I’m off to look in the poetry stash for one that needs the critical eye of others.  There’s plenty to choose from ……

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