Friday, March 9, 2012

Bev’s birthday quilt

My sister celebrated her 60th birthday this week so now I can write about the quilt I just finished –a story quilt, linking places and times in Bev’s life, mainly New Zealand and Camber Sands. It was a great joy collecting the fabrics –some wonderful NZ fat quarters I bought in Christchurch and from a shop I nearly missed on the coast road to Greymouth during my visit there in 2010.
Then the planning and the realisation that there was no time for slow creativity if it was to be ready for 6th March 2012.
So I chose a simple block, hunted out the seaside fabrics I’d also been collecting for a while and starting cutting, sewing, adding in photos and a poem. Overall, the plan was the sea, the beach, the land and the sky –but more unidirectional fabrics than I anticipated led to adaptation –surely all quilts have this, I decided. Finally, I added a few beads, and a small piece of lace made by my Mum. Here it is finished  –a quilt to snuggle up with that brings the past into today.

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