Thursday, March 29, 2012

Trying for a daily (soft) writing discipline

Well, that the plan! To establish a writing routine as part of my day … early morning pages and transformation of my notes for a sequence of poems about Andy Goldsworthy’s rammed earth stones  on Alderney.

Both started … it feels fresh to think of a series of poems with a key topic.and this morning I was reminded of my 2008 trip to Iran in my auto writing –lots of material there for the new on line course The Public and the Personal: Writing the New Political Poem with Kathleen Ossip. For me, another new poet this time from the US , a new workshop group with different poems to read and comment on and assignments to stretch my thinking.

In between writing I’m doing some ‘experimental’ knitting –using up my stash for one side of a cushion cover that I’ll back with some patchwork. Pictures when I get further on, presently I still need to look at the pattern to make sure I’m doing linen stitch correctly.

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