Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Poetry- writing, revising and (boring) admin


If doing poetry admin is boring, then reading about it must be even more boring! So I’ll be brief: sorted out the database, created a spread sheet for 2012 submissions & competitions (better late then never) and sent some poems out into the wide world in the hope they catch the eye of an editor or judge.

That done I’ve been fiddling with the 3rd assignment poem on the Personal and the Public PS Course … a strange process of pulling apart a poem I wrote about my time in Tehran in 2009 and putting together a prose poem draft that draws on fairy tale language.  Then I used a revision technique I read about last week in which you turn the poem on its head … so it starts with the last line. Fascinating result .. not such a strong poem but it gave me ideas about what else I might include and what was redundant. The result is still very much a draft, ready to be shared for critical comment and I’ll definitely try the on its head rewriting process again.

In between poetry and puppy watching my intarsia knitting is making very pedestrian process … I am now knitting with 7 different yarns. Not sure how this is best dealt with, I just keep stopping and untwisting it all. Another task that qualifies as rather a bore so its a good job I’m enjoying re-reading Marilynne Robinson’s Home –I knit two rows, untwist and then pick up the book. .

I fly back to UK tomorrow so I’ve put away the sewing machine and safely stored the two quilt tops and several cushion covers I’ve  squeezed out of some fabric bought at a charity sale for £10. They’ll be my practice quilting projects when eventually I install a frame in my studio here … maybe this time next year!

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