Thursday, April 5, 2012

To villanelle or not to villanelle

Had a good time in the Moodle chat room for the first workshop of this term’s online course. Some great poems, such a range of topic and form, including some experimental layouts that worked very well. I was called to task, quite rightly for the title of my poem … the other comments were very affirming. I just need to do some creative walking to give it a title that is worthy of the poem. For me a hard one..

Onto the second assignment –a poem using the words of a politician. Thanks to the internet  I found my material … and decided that the wealth of subject matter in one Ministerial speech was best tackled with form as a control. So my first draft was a villanelle …unsurprisingly it took a while but eventually sort of worked except the a and b rhymes are too close in sound. Transforming that out of the straightjacket of tercets and the two leading lines has led to something else … this needs a rest before another look.  More on this later.

In between poetry a quilt is quietly happening … fabric from my stash and a charity sale, 12 patch blocks and enough left overs to make some matching cushion covers. Easy sewing when often new thoughts about poetry and work arise.

Off now to make something for lunch/supper …possibly an onion tart and I might try my hand at Abel&Cole’s Rustic Irish Potato Bread  see… looks like the sort of food for hungry floor layers!

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