Sunday, May 20, 2012

Catching up

Not at all sure when my last blog entry was –must have been before I spent a day baking some wonderful bread under the careful eye of Elizabeth, artisan baker at The Lighthouse Bakery  for more details see Now I know how to achieve a loaf with a nice round shape and shapely cuts   and that I have been treating dough far too roughly! My freezer is full of the great European bread we made –so far the Swedish Limpa is my favourite.  Definitely one to make at home especially now I have some lovely proving bowls to use.


I’ve also been bird watching twice these last two weekend –Dungeness RSPB reserve and the Barnes Wetlands Centre were full of swans, ducks and waders. My new binoculars have opened up a new world for me … Marsh Harriers one week, Lapwings the next to name just the best … this could be addictive. Watching birds from a hide is such a relaxing experience .. at this time of year the birds spend so much time preening and bathing –gentle activities that over a few minutes slowly reveal the shape, feather colours and personality of the bird. Must also mention the reed warbler … the book says its song is mechanical but the one at Barnes yesterday was beautifully in tune. And then there was the Heron … hunkered down on one leg over its chicks.


More details on both places at and

And in between all that my modem crashed but all is well now … more another day

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