Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Backlash by Lynda La Plante

Thank goodness for the crime thriller genre –when you need a page turning plot and characters with attitude that is undemanding but entertaining it fits the bill and La Plante does it very well. I bought this book at Edinburgh airport where I was once again waiting for a delayed flight.to LHRW. After just a few page I knew it would rescue me from dwelling on my plight and keep my mind from thinking about just how tired i was.

The book focuses on the unravelling of a serial killer’s crimes, the police’s ways of working in such a case and importantly, the interactions between all the players that finally brings the whole story to an end.  Warped minds, troubled lives, day to day ego trips –its all there using the right words in the right order for a very good read.

Not everyone’s choice of something to take your mind away from the boredom of an airport but it did me a great service last Friday evening.

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