Friday, October 12, 2012

Review: The Gravedigger’s Daughter

This is the first book from Joyce Carol Oates’ large oeuvre that I’ve read, and now I am wondering why! The Gravedigger’s Daughter takes the reader on the journey of one woman’s life, of re-invention, running away, staying and of love and hope. It has taken me a while to read  -this book is thick with meaning,  the story travels a long way in a short time and it takes turns that always surprised me.

Another book that could have ended at several points and in the end, there was no end at all and that did not matter. Full of authenticity, tension and a celebration (is that the right word) of survival.

A very good read … and wow, i have many more JCO books to read, let’s hope all are as good as this one.

NB I might be blogging about writing some poetry soon!  This week I returned to the Alderney Stones sequence and, almost unbelievably, now have a complete set of first drafts. if nothing else I feel free to write about something else!  

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