Saturday, December 29, 2012

December heat wave

Yes, here in Le Gers its been sunny all day, warm enough to sit outside and read for a few hours. So I’ve finished Sandi Toksvig’s Valentine Grey and I’m not sure I’d recommend it as a good read.
The beginning is way too long and does far too much telling. Add to this that Toksvig doesn’t have the craft of other writers when it comes to blending two parallel stories. So this became a novel where although I kept skipping bits I really didn’t think I’d missed much! She’s so much better live on the stage (and on tv/radio) than on the page.
James and I finally managed to take the dogs out for a walk just now after being surrounded by hunters and their hounds for most of the afternoon. Not sure what was being hunted but there was a lot of barking all around and our dogs found lots to sniff at everywhere we walked.
Also, reopened my French bank account today –the one they closed without telling me because of a lack of activity! So now I know I need to top it up with euros more regularly!

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