Monday, January 7, 2013

A quilt for the garden

So called because that’s really all its good for … this is not negative simply the expression of intention! Now when a visitor needs something to cover their knees (for those sunny but cool days) they no longer need worry that they are taking something precious into the garden when I offer a quilt!!
I used scrap fabric of all different sorts, so matching was a real challenge but it was OK to practice more quilting on and this time I tried a stem of leaves every so often, some are more realistic than others and my daisies are getting  better. The date is just legible but my initials are not so clear. Its the small patterns that I find so hard and I really did not want a big MH on my quilt –subtlety being the key where ego is concerned.. 
It was quickly finished by making a binding from the fleece backing. I would do that again but be more careful about the zig zag stitch position next time … I need L plates  on my sewing machine still.

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