Tuesday, January 29, 2013

in place of small stones

Very aware that my small stone have stopped appearing -they are waiting to be transported to the computer from various journals and bits of paper ... that's what happens when life gets busy.  I'll get them together & post somewhere asap.

I still plan to continue small stoning for the year, or perhaps its better to say to continue to pay attention to the small.

Last evening  the Poetry and The Visual seminar met on line for the first time. This is another Poetry School course, led by Tammy Yoseloff. with, obviously, a focus on what we see and using the visual in poetry. After a few hiccups the seminar went well, lots of different poems and new people to get to know in the Moodle classroom.   The next poem has to be posted by next Monday evening so I'm already thinking, oh what to write, when will I have a small space to draft, redraft etc etc.

Ive decided to begin to write about my quilting journey on this blog ... better late then never! I have a quilting journal with entries for my practice pieces and  lots of photos.

Here's my New English Frame at home in France and one of the first practice quilts hanging up while I decided what patterrn and threads to use.

and this is why I need lots more practice....

I'm now planning a quilt for my bedroom in France, this is it so far, some lovely fabric, bits from my stash, and ideas from a walk along the beach at Rye  - some way to go

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