Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Practice quilt finished

So pleased with my first attempt at quilting a pieced top with fleece backing …took  my time setting it up and now know how important it is that the pieces and backing are on the straight!
I decided on simple meandering and was planning to avoid stitching over the fussy cut red flowers (that mostly worked) and to add the date and my initials (not sure they are readable!). The stitches are even and I only crossed a line once or twice. It was difficult to judge when I was getting close to the limit of the stitching area at first but I soon managed to keep away from the edge and to swing back to where the machine can reach easily. Here’s part of the quilt before and after quilting ….
and finally, I made a simple binding and wow, a WIP that at last is finished

The process felt very creative, all my work, patched and quilted  -its not one that I’m very proud of, too many mistakes for that, but I’m fine with them because it was a wonderful learning experience.  I’ll pay more attention to the borders next time, maybe just do a simple curve and try to be calm when I quilt the numbers and letters -  I’ve got lots of practice pieces to improve with.
Also started writing January small stones today … and one NYR was to continue to do that all year. I’m posting them on twitter and they will appear in Facebook as well.
Another resolution is to begin my Fragments collection … one a day, about 100 words, watch this space to see how I get on! First one is done but its easy on a day like today. The test will come when I’m also out and about playing bridge, going to the gym and catching up on work stuff.

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