Sunday, February 10, 2013

Catching up

Long time no blogging, but back here now after lots of time on family matters. Also busy with two -I can't believe I got my self into this- online courses, poetry and the visual and journalling our way home. Today I've caught up both of these, read all the poems for tomorrow's workshop with Tamar Yoselof in the Poetry School's Moodle classroom and written my personal timeline to find triggers for this weeks journal entries.
I'm enjoying the NING discussion group and find it amazing how well a few people can get to know each other and have such supportive interactions by posting some of their thoughts and responding to what we all write.
Also started a new sewing project today, the first block of a Christmas quilt and my first go at machine appliqué. Its certainly quicker than all that turning under and sewing by hand and thank goodness my machine has a slow down button. Will post pics soon of that block, just a few lines of embroidery and its ready for piecing and quilting. Only 15 more to make.......
Have written this on my iPad, and still I hit the m or n instead of the space bar, that throws up some very strange words.

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