Thursday, August 15, 2013

Poems and buttons

Its been yet another very hot day, good for indoor tasks like more sorting my poems out -made all the more worthwhile by a super fast acceptance message (3 of 5 poems sent yesterday) from the Camroc Press Review see Such a quick response and very motivating. I've been learning more and more about Duotrope and I am seriously thinking about a subscription.

Also today I acquired an extensive button collection at the great expense of 5 euro -definitely my bargain of this year's vide greniers. Of course, there are hundreds of very ordinary ones for each rather special button, but I guess that what happens! At least now I have some choice of what to decorate the cafetiere cosies, bookwraps and ipad covers I've been making. Here they all are, piled up on the deck -and there's more waiting for the right colour lining .... good free motion quilting practice.

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