Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Tuesday blog

Nearly missed today's blogging ... now in the break of the Tuesday pm on-line poetry course, so I'll be quick.

Sunny walk and some time on the outside gym equipment  whihc was no bad thing as I went to an   afternoon birthday tea partywith lots of wonderful cakes!

and here's the press release for an anthology with one of my poems -so exciting!   Will have the Amazon link live on Oct 21st so I'll bore you all again then  ... it is a very good charity to support.

Foreign and Far Away: A New Anthology from Writers Abroad

Online writing group Writers Abroad are proud to announce the publication on Monday 21st October of their new anthology, Foreign and Far Away.

A selection of fiction, non-fiction and poetry has been written by expats (or former expats) around the world to create this collection on the theme of people and places.

Foreign and Far Away, the fourth anthology published by Writers Abroad, explores the relationship between people and the landscapes and settings they live in. An eclectic range of writing evokes the diversities, similarities, connections and misunderstandings of life in foreign places.

Author Amanda Hodgkinson, who has lived in Southwest France since 2002, has written the foreword. Her multi-award-winning debut novel, 22 Britannia Road, was published in 2011. Penguin Books will publish her second novel, Spilt Milk, in February 2014.

Following a call for submissions, Writers Abroad received 219 contributions of which they selected 94 for the anthology. Of these, 23 are contributions from Writers Abroad members. The anthology includes 38 short stories, 37 non-fiction articles and 19 poems. The work to produce Foreign and Far Away was carried out online.  

Book Aid International will benefit from the proceeds of this year’s anthology. This charity increases access to books and supports literacy, education and development in sub-Saharan Africa. They provided 543,280 new books to over 2,000 libraries in 2012 and have sent more than 30 million books to partner libraries since 1954.

Foreign and Far Away is available via Amazon at a price of $10.99, £8.99 or €9.99 from 21st October 2013, when these links will go live Foreign and Far Away - Amazon.com and Foreign and Far Away - Amazon.co.uk.

To find out more and for a complete list of contributions and authors, please go to the Writers Abroad website, www.writersabroad.com/.

Notes for editors

·        Writers Abroad was founded in 2009. It provides an online forum for expat writers to exchange ideas, views and news on writing and to offer support and constructive feedback on each other’s work. Membership numbers are limited but expat writers may apply to join if they are able to support the group’s initiatives and aims. www.writersabroad.com/.

·        Contributors live in, and have written about, more than 50 countries across every continent.

·        For more about author Amanda Hodgkinson, see www.amandahodgkinson.com

·        For more about Book Aid International, see www.bookaid.org

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