Friday, December 20, 2013

A fresh look at poetry in print ..

Well, its fresh to me. The 'extra' poetry magazine I'm subscribing to this year is The Dark Horse which impressed me after reading website pieces selected from the latest issue. And it arrived very quickly so I've already dipped into it and its now in my luggage soon to be en route to Enmatte. So far its the reviews section that has struck me as different ... so my excerpt from yesterday's pen on paper poetry journal is

 - better reviews in The Dark Horse, not just a list as in catalogue of contents more an appraisal with some evidence based praise for the writing -  thank you Helena Nelson

and after reading Christian McEwen in conversation with Mathhew Dickman, I wrote

.... who are my influences, I need to consider this, who writes about the everyday, Heaney, for example. 

see more at

Finally, before I do the passport, euros, cases will close OK final check, so wonderful to hear Gillian Clarke on Desert Island Discs this morning .... Seamus Heaney and Leonard Cohen; such great choices, and lets hope someone sponsors that new anthology she hopes to have ready in time for her island experience.

Back tomorrow from the other side of the Channel ...

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