Monday, December 9, 2013

Review: The Wife by Meg Wolitzer

The Wife is a compelling account of the life of a famous man's wife before female equality permeated the world. Wolitzer gives an accurate, authentic and often painful account of how choices made reach so deeply into our lives they can be almost impossible to unpick. Very readable, funny in places, and I liked the way Wolitzer didn't let the real truth reach the surface but let it hover below the churn of Joan's life.

PS ... this blog has been much neglected of late and I'm determined to change that in 2014. Not sure how just yet so any ideas for how to blog more regularly are very welcome.  This year I've managed to get into a 'morning pages' routine and not to neglect my journal as often as I have in the past ... so next year is for the blog!
So there it is  - a public admission and a commitment to be here more often ... meanwhile I've seen The Butler, great film, made progress with the applique blocks for the Merry Christmas quilt (good job there always another Christmas) and been to lots of poetry workshops. All that in between (maybe) too many afternoons playing bridge, a bracing weekend by the sea in Camber, and a few early local Christmas celebrations.
Its nearly time to change homes for a few weeks and to attend to some 2014 resolutions. 

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