Thursday, January 16, 2014

Another end of the day blog

I met with a writing/poetry friend today in a small village cafe for coffee and croissant. So good to mull over some writerly issues and exchange ideas for going forward with our creative work. Susan’s blog is listed in the side bar under ‘blogs I read’ so please take a look there.

We chatted about the challenge of not having easy access to poetry events and our on-line presence – that sounds rather posh but its a way of finding what is happening, what others are doing and it means exposure.

So, after resisting LinkedIn requests for a long time I’ve now signed up and plan to taste the international flavour of what’s there for writers. For me its the time issue. I’m already slightly behind my writing schedule this week so I need to take a good dose of discipline as I get involved in another networking activity.

This weeks 52 poem theme is ‘exposing yourself’ … no idea what to write about yet so maybe I’ll do what’s suggested and take a long look in the mirror before I get into the shower tonight. 


  1. Thanks Marilyn for posting this. Writing is definitely a challenge but getting feedback or accepting to send off without feedback is a greater one ! I might be giving a reading of my French poetry in my village next month…..small steps.

  2. Thats wonderful, well done.