Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Influence and acceptance

In brief, today’s writing influences and actions

  - the usual just-after-waking up free writing, half a page, usually never looked at again but maybe when I’m desperate  …. this type of exercise goes by many names if you do it you’ll know what it is. I miss it when I miss it.

- a pot of yellow narcissi from one of the few stalls that made it to the market on this wet day

… inspiration for today’s small stone.P1050389

- one of the editors from The Missing Slate www.themissingslate.com is being more than kind helping me revise two essays   … he is asking for more (detail and words)  and notices how my sentences sometimes lack verbs and when they are there, there’s a mix of tenses! Lots to learn then about writing prose rather than poetry  … I’m off now to correct and plump out.

Oh, and a very welcome letter from Toasted Cheese http://www.toasted-cheese.com accepting the piece I wrote for their My Writing Space section. Its due to appear with photos on Feb 21st, thank you TC – what good taste you have.

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