Friday, January 3, 2014

Out into the wilderness

I'm here a little late today, spent so much time sending a few poems to publishers! Even tho I use Duotrope, see, the business of organising poems, finding out which ones are 'free' is very wearing, at least I find it to be so.

But a few more are now out there ... some 3 line poems, one long one, and one or two that keep being returned: perhpas one day someone will say yes to these waifs and strays of my poetry ouvre.

One more poem this morning from The Forage House .. Virginia Pars on pages 38-9 .. this one opens with confidence, uses the couplet form to effect with a couple of end rhymes to 'turn' the poem.

For me there is a lot that is shadowy in this poem but its all clear and inclusive ... a probing of the past that feels like digging into an old and very slightly unhealed wound  I wrote in my pen to paper journal; and there is the word 'doily' in there? Is there any other word that conveys so much?

Tess Taylor's website is here and you can follow her @tessathon: no, I don't have shares in her work, I arrived at this collection in a roundabout way, mostly because I also quilt. And as quilts make better photos than poems here's a glimpse at the work in progress ...

Off now to make more blocks for the next project  -40 needed

Here's the 5 already made

 and then there are the scraps. Quilting has some things in common with writing poetry: you add, then remove, and what's left might come in handy one day so you keep it.

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