Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Poetry Appearance

You can tell publication means a lot to me .. I've just spent time crawling over various social media websites to let know that three of my poems appear in the Camroc Press Review today, January 29th, at

If you're reading this at another time you'll have to scroll down the list of authors to find me. Please do and please let me know what you think of the poems. For me writing is definitely a process. Everything I write is an ongoing piece of work that develops after publication -not necessarily in a direct sense but change happens. 

The reader of my writing is important, how can they not be if publication is important, and evidence that being published is important is abundant (more on that another day). Feedback from readers may not, for some writers, change the particular piece that was read. For some, like me, it may inspire a small change in a poem, and feedback always helps me consider the work from the other side, so to speak. How easy it is to forget to think of a poem as it will be read, or heard.

For others the reader's influence is subtle, it serves to shape future work - maybe what is written, maybe how. So  don't hesitate to say what you think. After all, you're unlikely to be the only reader who finds a particular line dense!

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