Friday, January 17, 2014

Voice, revisions and publication

Later in the day blogging again as I’ve been writing other stuff today and did some sitting in the warm sunshine with my book. Not a usual January pleasure so one has to take full advantage of the opportunity!

I’ve drafted my week three poem for the 52poems project … the one about exposing yourself. So many ways to read that as a theme but the instructions were to ‘get your kit off’. Not that I follow instructions, well not always and certainly not where poetry is concerned. I’ve left the first draft to mellow overnight.

I’ve also revised two short essays returned with more comments from that very kind editor I wrote about a few days ago. I did so with some hesitation, wondering how much of my voice I was erasing, how much I was removing the English flavour  of some of the memories I refer to, and am I playing the ‘anything to be published’ game. This is not about accepting criticism or not as the case may be; its more about should I do more to find the right readers for what I write, the place that likes my prose.  It’s too early for me to say, I've had so little published … here, as usual, I’m just thinking on the page.

Have a good weekend, I may be here tomorrow – everything depends.

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