Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Working on the Blog


Dear readers, please take time to look at the new page ! Just one page on a website = most of today's work! 

The Enmatte Poetry Collection has been updated ... and four new poems added. And there is a new page with some of my other poetry and  I'll be posting prose there as well.

Choosing which poems was easy when they had already been seen elsewhere such as being used to label a quilt and were unlikely to be liked by an editor. It was also hard ... once on the website no-one wants it in a magazine or competition as my poetry readers will know. So I pulled out the regularly rejected and one or two that its been very difficult to know where to send.  That leaves a few about my 2010 visits to Iran to sort out and post - maybe tomorrow.

It felt very cleansing to readjust my poetry spreadsheet and maybe I'll do the same with some old short prose next week. Mind you, I return to UK on Sunday and my diary is looking very full so that may have wait for my return here in the spring.

Time for a cup of tea and a look at our poorly dog. Crumble has been invaded by parasites from a tick, she's been off her food, and sleepy all day but hopefully the medication will do the trick. Apparently, its very common at the moment and what is needed is some cold weather to kill the ticks. There is a good side to a hard winter.

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