Monday, January 13, 2014

Yoga & writing: classes for mat & pen

This weekend I revised some of the pages on this blog: attention to detail so correcting & clarifying and updating to reflect the change in my life from having lots of academic work to making more time, specifically regular and disciplined time for poetry and prose.

I also gave the hen house a clean and spread
some crunchy fresh straw .....
watched from the far end of the run by the hens and cockerel.

It was a good job for thinking about the commitment I've made by joining a poem-a-week FB group.  Yes, a poem each week prompted by a word (so far), I'm already behind so my writing today needs to be poetry to catch up.

One last thought before I start that first draft.

Here at home in France I replace my usually twice a week yoga class with a short session on the mat each morning, well, OK most mornings, five last week to be accurate. I use an app which gives me the choice of beginner, intermediate and advanced, and classes with different sequences of poses - for strength, flexibility, relaxation or a combination of all three.

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Choice and difference - my writing practice also needs these to keep my writing muscles strong, to develop the diversity of craft - poem, essay, story, short, longer, to learn, to learn how to think without thinking about thinking. 

Getting on the mat and picking up the pen/keyboard asks the same questions, needs those different classes ... took me a while to figure that out but I'm there now!

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  1. for two years now, I have been back to Yoga classes. Actually a combination of Do-In/shiatzu and Yoga. We start with self-massages or by two on all the key acupuncture points in hands, feet, legs and arms using our breathing to regulate the flows of energy and balance ying and yang throughout the body. We then do conscious breathing and some Yoga postures. We finish with a relaxation session which can gently slide into meditation. Congratulations Marilyn on keeping it up. My advice for the day: Stretch fully in bed before rolling on your back and touching your feet to the ground and sitting up on the edge. Warm up and stretching can be continued before getting dressed and stating your day on a relaxed touch.