Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Am I writing?

Good morning readers ... or maybe no-one at all!  I've just written and posted today's small stone .. the 43rd for this year and maybe the only words I will write today. So am I still writing? Once I would have said no, its just a small stone. Now I say to myself, I have written something today, maybe only a few words but I am still writing.

Still writing within the delightful distraction of getting to grips with a new sewing machine, this morning's yoga class and walking with friends this afternoon -weather willing. That small stone, like the previous 42 has become a touchstone (!) in my writing life  -a reliable routine that stretches, then settles my writing muscles in the midst of all other activity.

Now to learn how to use the automatic needle threader! Given that I've never met one that is worth the fiddle I am not optimistic that this will be a good use of my time. Some things are just so much better the traditional way.

and of course, as well, I am writing this blog ...

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