Friday, February 7, 2014

Another #amwriting week

Friday, so time for the blog. A week full of poetry and prose writing  - small stones and poem a week going well, two more pieces of flash fiction drafted and an introduction to something called a plot generator! Not sure how to use that yet so that one on the list for next week.

New to me this week was reading poems at the Poetry Cafe –an event organised by the Poetry Society once a month. Went well, nice to meet other poets, some were, like me, reading for the first time, others were regulars. I chose three short poems, and downloaded an IPad app to record a practice session and to time myself. That preparation meant I felt just about the right amount of anxiety as I ‘told’ my poems to a knowledgeable audience. Must remember that next time.

Finally must mention a wonderful show and tell of quilting work by Dorking Quilters at the meeting of the quilting group I belong to. Impressive level of art and craft on show, and some very large bed quilts –great for cold nights. Inspired me to get on with my current quilt but my sewing machine has other ideas. Trip to the repair shop may be needed!

and oh, the title, well, it seems that amwriting is a hashtag of choice for writers so I’ve been using it on Twitter this week. Lots of interesting links came my way …  need to not spend too much time following them! Otherwise I’ll not be amwriting at all.

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