Friday, February 14, 2014

Book review: Dear Life by Alice Munro & more

Friday blog ... its still raining out there, still very windy, a good evening to be inside and writing. 

I'm fond of short stories and am presently enjoying James Joyce's The Dubliners on BBCR4 Book at Bedtime, so it was great that my book group chose Munro's latest short story collection as our February book.  At our meeting to discuss the book we all agreed that although most of these stories are rather  sad they were all a very good read.

Some folk felt it was a pity they ended so soon and wanted to know more about what happened. But Munro's skill is in the gentle unpicking of a character,the forensic examination of relationships and in leaving the reader wanting more.

I think she's also masterly when it comes to capturing a small moment in a life, sometimes a very small moment but its always one that shifts the energy and often its recognisable, universal, transferable.

No prize for guessing why she won the Nobel Prize for Literature .. these stories attest to writing of the highest order.  This month we are reading Barbara Kingsolver's Flight Behaviour ... a chance for me to reread another wonderful book.

The 52poems theme this week is the sporting life.  I have a drafty draft of a poem about curling for no other reason than that it was on tv while I had breakfast and I found myself fascinated by all the sweeping, plotting, and swerving!! It may come to something or it may not.

Have good weekend all. I'm off to the Cheltenham Folk Festival, hoping for good music and ideas for flash fiction stories and poetry.

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