Monday, February 3, 2014

Writing with attention

The start of a working week, even for someone who feels she can hardly claim to be part of the working world! I'm still learning how to be a writer, still wondering if I can say that is what I am now, still unsure of, well, almost everything when it comes to my writing. 

Early in January I made promise to  myself to write a small stone each day in 2014, to pay attention once a day to something small and to write about it in a small way. I'm now very slightly seeking these out - as a record of the year, the season, my routines, and enjoying the process.

This small, often less than a sentance writing, links with the need to pay attention to what goes into my poems and the flash fiction I am learning to write. The fewer the number of words, the greater the need for accurcay and focus. So I've found a link between my present regular writing that is mutually beneficial. From thinking I might be taking on too much I've gained some confidence to continue from this congruence. From January's hesitatation to February's continuation. Hurrah.

I'm interested in how other writers juggle different types of writing. Do you have a plan? Does mutuality sometimes happen like it did for me this year?  Comments welcome. 

Finally, most of what I write is a work in progress or WIPs as they are called in quilting and kitting. So my writing WiPs join those in my quilting and knitting life!  Too much of a joined up life, I hear you say, but then some will unravel and others may come apart at the seams. A WiPs journey often take a a few detours whatever it is made of. 

And to close, it was great to hear Kate Atkinson talking about the importance of story telling on BBC R3 this morning. Our need to be entertained once our other needs have been met  bought to mind Maslow's hierarchy of needs  -a somewhat hackneyed but useful model.  Well fed and watered folk, by a warm fire, or sometimes, for me, under the duvet, with a need to be entertained. A very good argument for writing down our stories .. 

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