Thursday, March 27, 2014

Dear blog, sorry to have been away so long ..

So wither the promise to post regularly here, I hear you say, and yes, dear blog, I have been neglectful, except for the small stones, now at No 86 and very much part of my daily routine.
So that said I'll keep this catch up brief ... where have I been? Well, I've been at poetry workshops, taking part on line chats and readings, also in the gym, at yoga class, enjoying weekends away with friends and some sewing ...

 - this is from a flowers in my garden workshop and its now waiting for me to decide if a piece of my Mother's lace will suit for the binding. What do you think, folks?

I'm working on my entry to the Member's Challenge section of Mole Valley Quilters exhibition in October, the topic is Autumn (no surprise there) ... and we've gone for something small. Next task is to couch the frame ... I've not done any couching before so fingers crossed.

Its good to be back writing here, so much better than trying to persuade local businesses to advertise in the Exhibition brochure, emptying the dishwasher or ...

Back soon, now for a DIY couching lesson, and perhaps a chapter of my book -Donna Tartt's The Goldfinch, so far every bit as good as everyone says it is, and, oh, must pick some rhubarb, apparently there's enough to feed the village on my friend's allotment, something to do with all that rain we've had!

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