Friday, March 28, 2014

here again, wow!

Outside its one of those after the rain and mist of yesterdays days - a watery sun, clouds that sigh, shall I stay or shall I go and a hint of mistiness that reminds me of how fragrance often lingers on a scarf.

Inside, a very nice friend is putting a rolling wall on my wall ... imagine a roller blind made of felty fabric and ... mmm,  a picture is needed!

And, DIY couching lessons took some time, but finally I am happy (ish) .. a quarter done, its slow work and I like some slow in my life -while I'm slipping the needle over, then under, through the original applique ziz zag stitch I'm thinking about the quilting -what to do on that rich silk background?

Have a good weekend, blog readers, whoever you are, if you are! I'm going to the Quilt Museum in York tomorrow - probably no time to blog as it takes all day to get there and back. A long train journey, great for knitting and thinking. Bye.


  1. say hello to the wind and the Arter family (my grandmother's family from York)

  2. Wonderful spring sunshine in York ...& I waved

  3. You are so lucky to have space for your design wall. Where did you get it? Love reading your blog.

  4. Thank you Zoi, the wall is called a Roberts Rolling Wall, if you google that I'm sure it will come up