Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Up with the birds ...

.... well not quite but its so lovely out there, wall to wall blue sky, that I responded to the cockerel's insistent pleas and went down to let him and the hens out very early. We close the hen house now night after several tragedies ... despite the electric fence 

Well worth getting up when you hear your first cuckoo, yes, clear and loud from the small wood , and now the sparrows, black caps and blue tits are filling the air with their twittering and business ... jerky flying here, there, over there, in their groups ... wonderful to watch. They fly low by the terrace, mouths full of nest building material ... some of which comes from the fabric of our house!

Later on the hawk will be on his or her daily patrol of the wheat fields, riding on the air currents and occasionally it seems flying low over the trees just to disturb the crows  -such a noise, caw caw caw ...

And maybe this afternoon I will hear the thuddy thuddy sound of the woodpecker  ... s/he was there yesterday busy. I guess, holing out a nest, or maybe just finding good grubs.

the sun beckons .... back again soon

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