Saturday, June 7, 2014

Review: Home by Toni Morrison

Morrison’s 2013 book, Home, is short – maybe a novella? What is a novella? Whatever, this is another of Morrison’s engaging stories. It swings from the raw to the heartening, moves between voices and juxtaposes elements of the new and of the familiar with consummate ease. Such is her craft, her light touch that offers depth, her insight that exposes but rarely judges.

Frank and Cee, brother and sister, and the people they collide with in their young and often innocent lives, are so very real in Morrison’s hands. She weaves the story of their childhood, of their leaving and returning to their community into the contemporary nature of a time that fails them and many others.

Although short, this is a complete book, and, as always, with Morrison, one in which every word counts, where there is no waste. Such a talent.

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