Thursday, August 28, 2014

Success ... and poetry

Spent a lot of time yesterday on poetry admin. numbering poems, checking them against the spread sheet and, yes, sending some to the graveyard of poor poetry. A very tiresome task and, of course, one that would not have been necessary if I had been organised when I first started writing. According to one or two poems that I did remember to date (!) that was about twenty years ago: be assured that I've kept a few of these oldies to work on but some are now in the graveyard aka the Trash Can.

And wonderful news from the Emerge Literary Journal, two of eight poems submitted only this week have been accepted. Makes the admin work worthwhile.

Need to close right now as I am off on another wonderful poetry task, this time lunch with Susan, a local poet friend. We meet about every three months to chat about our writing, submissions and other things poetic  - a joy, and hurrah, its sunny and looks like being another hot day.

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