Tuesday, September 2, 2014

at the end of the summer

It's a beautiful day, wall to wall sunshine, and I'm about to check in for my flight back to England. So I'm just now thinking about what needs to come back with me  ... and how wonderful its been to spend a decent time this summer with my poems, even if that included doing the admin and sending out!

The last of today's sun is calling ... and the current 52poems prompt, to write about the big and little rituals of our lives, really appealed to me. So unusually I have poems aplenty and one to post on this blog - not my usual habit but different is also OK!!

Hands together

Bless the dendrabaena
that dwell in the wormery
for turning our kitchen waste  
to compost for seeds
and fertilizer for plants.

Bless the hens
who live down the garden
for laying fresh eggs
in exchange for food scraps
and a bundle of straw.

Bless the solar panels
that are on the roof
for giving us hot water 
and a smaller carbon footprint 
most days of the year.

Bless the cats
who live in the barn
for occasionally
catching a mouse
and rarely, a bird

Bless the log pile 
which is by the hedge
for giving us warmth
during low pressure 
and northerly winds.

Bless the plastic butts
that connect to the gutter
for collecting the rain 
to water the vegetables
we ate for our supper.

Bless the dogs
at the foot of the stairs
for without them I’d sleep
less soundly
in my bed. 

MH Sept 2014

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