Sunday, November 2, 2014

One big catch up!!!

Its been a busy few weeks and I'm going to leave the story to the pictures ...

memories of Mole Valley Quilters 2014 Exhibition or my life in October 2014 

in the beginning there were empty spaces and rails

but soon

some may say too soon, we opened the doors to a wonderful display of all things quilted

and for two days the church was filled with many, many visitors ...  we had wonderful show and tell events, great demonstrations and lots of people counting hexagons

                             NB the answer was 1,069.

This quilt was the deserved winner of the Visitor's Choice prize

and this one was given The Quilt Teacher's Award

there were clowns, great cakes, the opportunity to try the latest sewing machines  ... and much more, so watch this space for our donations to local charities and more photos.

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