Monday, May 11, 2015

Summer may be here ...

I've been away ... three days in beautiful Carcassonne ...  perfect weather, just a few other people enjoying the history and scenery, a peaceful trip on the canal du midi and some very good food.

And summer is here, Tracey has been working on the pool! Its so good to have a cool terrace with wifi so I can update this blog -thank you James. And below me Paul is busy wiring and plumbing in the new kitchen.

As for me, I've caught up with some poetry writing for the online course I'm doing this term and posted my votes in the Poetry Republic competition, and, of course, paid some attention to last Thursday vote!!

Plus, its week two of May's Stitch Along. The 'rule' was to copy and modify an appliqué design posted by Ruth but the demise of our printer put pay to that so I sought help from one of my favourite books.

I found a design, did a bit of adapting and now have something the same but different.

This is a first for me and I'm not at all sure I like it but next week's work might improve the look...

What do you think?

It needs stitches but I'm off to potter in the garden with Poppy,  our very own puppy who is now alone, well, she has the big dogs and us for company but Lucky, the last of her sisters to leave, went to her forever home on Saturday.

Poppy is now going out for walks, will post photos when she keeps still and possibley an update on the kitchen which changes by the day and may very soon be somewhere where we can do some cooking.

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