Friday, July 3, 2015

Out and about in this wonderful sunshine

So difficult to be inside when its sunny outside but at least there's Wimbledon to watch until the garden is cool enough to sit it.

I'm posting some pics of a lovely day at the Goodwood Festival of Speed .. not obviously my thing but was a guest of some friends on warm and sunny day. Lots to see on the track, including 'trick' riding of cars and motorcycles, some very good jazz to enjoy while sipping champagne and much to look at around and about.

Came home from the weekend away via Tichfield Haven nature reserve, a quiet and bird-full spot very close to where we used to live in Warsash.

Plenty of birds to see, its a real challenge for me to recognise what is what but really enjoyed watching this Avocet and her chicks feeding and then Mum sleeping on one leg - impressive!

Time now to get ready for a poetry reading at Camden Poetry this evening ...  I'm first to read so I'll be able to relax and enjoy everyone else's poems after the two short ones I've chosen.

Enjoy the wonderful summer weather everyone.

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