Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Rethinking the Blog

I spent some time today doing one of those between Christmas and New Year tasks so this blog has a new look. Simpler with just three main pages for poetry, stitching and reading where, hopefully, it'll be easier to find finished or near finished poems and stitching pieces, and where I'll try to remember to post something about books  - those I'm reading, those I've yet to read etc. No promises mind!

For now here's an update on the way rust alters and adds beauty to plain fabric.

Bits and pieces from my fabric stash, wrapped, rolled and weighted down on various rusty objects  ..
plus vinegar solution, plastic bags, elastic bands and patience.

I just know these swatches with their unique marks and lines will be useful soon ...

And the teabag rescue has already proved valuable. I've used teabag paper and other up cycled bits, including the published poem One Afternoon at Teatime in the opening pages of my sketchbook for sharing project.

The book is small, thank goodness and in January I'll pass it on to someone else on the Inspiration to Stitch Course. I'll be given one from someone for a month.

The idea is for us to take the originator's inspiration and fill four pages with our interpretation and work in our style.

The first two pages provide a mini bio and some comment on source materials

Random stitching here with old thread ends 

A text covered teabag bag for the printed poem 

Stitching with string from Abel and Cole veg boxes ... I always knew it was worth saving. I love writing on thread lines, taking a pen to where the line goes. 

And finally, if you head over to the reading page there's a photo of my current bedside table books ... only possible with paper books and one more very good reason for their continued existence alongside the early useful e-books. 

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