Monday, February 27, 2017

Cornwall & London: poetry, art and lines

Catching up at home again after a week in St Ives writing poetry,  enjoying the beach and finding lines everywhere.

yes, Doris was forecast and passed by on her way up country 

some of Hepworth's inspirational lines 

sent out to write about what we found, and now have poems called Lines I and II in draft!  

I'll post more on the poetry retreat later this week ... I've been in London today at a wonderful exhibition of art by my brother-in-law, Andy Thornley. Its on for one more day and well worth a visit. Here are the details ... 

I ended my day at Tate Modern, and captured a few more lines!

Sometime soon something in my line photo collection will link with the fabric and thread and stitch ideas and become, well, I'm not sure what yet.  Maybe the place to stitch one of the Lines poems.

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