Sunday, May 13, 2018

Waking up this blog ....

Wow, one blog post at the very beginning of this year and .... well nothing since!!

But much has been happening including a number of hospital appointments and investigations, lots of stitching and some finished projects.  Oh, and I almost forgot, editing my novel and a place on the long list of a poetry competition, see

And what, you may well ask, has promoted me to remember the blog and make a promise that I will try to write more posts. My answer in short notes is

- a discussion yesterday on Design for Stitching Course about Artist's Statements and social media for stitchers (that's me) but of course, others call themselves textile artists, quilt artists, fibre artists etc. etc.

- confirmation that I will be having stereotactic body radiotherapy very soon for two small but unwanted nodules in my lungs so I might have more 'sitting around' time for a while,

- well, it's always my intention to be here more regularly and to post bits and pieces that can't be easily shared on other social media.

To that end today here's a few pictures of completed and ongoing stitching projects and the long listed poem -and yes, it is itself long, but its also very thin so please read on.  The pictures await you ...

The Red Admiral in Thirteen Movements 

after Thirteen ways of looking at a Blackbird by Wallace Stevens 

At the edge of a Dorset cliff 
a man with binoculars
watches for migrating 
Red Admirals.

Crimson streaks edge
and divide the Red Admiral's
seventy mm wingspan.

One Red Admiral 
south from the north.

At the man's feet 
two Red Admirals 

American scientists 
are making detectors
to fit the Red Admiral's thorax.

On the cliff path
Red Admirals drink nectar
from November blackberries.

Feeding Red Admirals 
are undisturbed by
interested people.

Why Admiral?
No-one knows.

Along the wings 
of the Red Admiral,
black and white frills.

For inflight warmth
Red Admirals develop
a hairy thorax.

Red Admirals rise above 
turbulence, or wait
until it has passed.

Orphan travellers,
the Red Admiral flies

From below, the man
watches the Red Admiral's
dark underwings.

Yes, I'm stitching fish or rather appliqué fish and then some bubble free motion quilting. There are 24 on the quilt so I'm planning to go slowly, maybe 1-2 each day  ... thats if the thread, the needle and my fingers behave well.

and here are the makings of a practice sample for a new project about walking the London Loop.

i have an idea about transferring the map on the TFL website to fabric, using confetti quilting. I just now that much trial and error is going to be involved.

So I have some unwanted fabric and net and oh  scissors to cut the lawn squares into confetti  ... result is below ... not sure I like the net but the technique is fine.

I'll be back ... not sure when!

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