Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Another ordinary day

Cooler this morning and writing morning pages outside felt very good. I’m always unsure about the effect of ‘just writing’ whether it’s with pen and paper or as now fingers and keyboard. Dandelion clocks are everywhere, mostly still set at midnight. Lower temperatures mean less hornet activity in the pears and apples, the bees continue to feed on our clover and there’s still a wasps nest in the little barn roof. . The buzzy things take all day to feed, the dog eats just once and quickly, and the lizard slinks after flies as and when, I  guess. .

Found some time for my knitting today and finished the first front of the cardigan … and after years of knitting I now realise the value of counting rows as well as stitches. My aim is for two fronts that are absolute mirror images to avoid the usual pulling to fit when sewing up. More on this later …

Also discovered Carol Rumen’s poem of the week in The Guardian. The last weeks two poems focus on ageing and I enjoyed Rumen’s very reader friendly critique of form and content. –so that’s what  alexandrine metre is!

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