Sunday, September 4, 2011

Long time no blog

 ... but I'm not beating myself up about the gap as in the between times I've been at the AMEE conference in Vienna where the lift music is Strauss and more Strauss and the coffee just great. Spent a short time today deciding which poem to workshop at Mole Valley Poets tomorrow evening -more on that when the comments are in. Yesterday saw some creativity in the garden ... its now looking as though someone cares about it and getting lots of rain. Most of my herbs have disappeared during the summer and I really missed a twig of rosemary to flavour the fish i cooked last night ... a trip to RHS Wisely is on the agenda next week. Finally, a poemy thought is running in and out of my mind about the frog that seems to have set up home in the watering can -in the deep and dark until the bailiff comes with plant food and water.

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