Wednesday, August 17, 2011

To begin, but not to start

Welcome to my new blog created with James’ help and still in need of refinement … hope I can remember how to tweak and add etc. My aim is to bring some of my interests into one place and, especially, to post comments on trying to spend more time on writing and reading poetry and to getting my poems published. I’ve started to add in links to other poetry blogs and sites linked to yarn craft and sewing, and where you can see some of my past poems and knitting projects.I’ll be adding photos of felting and quilting projects soon.
Earlier today I started another poem from the news  to add to the two drafted yesterday. As always, they are in need of more work and will then be ready to take to workshops in the autumn. I’ve signed up for another year of Tamar Yoseloff’s great seminars and a Poetry School on-line course –a first for me! 
From Craft projects
I’m also still knitting the cardigan for myself with the organic cream yarn bought at last year’s Knitting and Stitching show … the collar shaping on the front is very clever and fortunately very easy as mostly these days I’m knitting in the warmth of our latish summer here at EnMatte. Having completed the back of another garment, failed to conquer the pattern and unravelled the lot, I shall be very glad to see all these bargain balls of yarn converted into clothes! To date I have one lacey beret … ready to wear in the autumn walking more of the Thames Path.

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