Thursday, August 18, 2011

Birthday work

I’ve been working on this blog today, calling on James to help at regular intervals. So far its got much more poetry than anything else but there will be other days. I’ve had a tranquil birthday, although thunder is rolling around the house as I write.  Paul and Tracey have just been shopping for plumbing stuff … just a little more creating by them and I will be able to move upstairs. Last night we all enjoyed the night market in Lavardens, eating outside between the high warm walls of ancient streets with the chateau above us: good food, very good local wine and great company.  Made notes on the sights and sounds of the village en fete, lots of English voices, street food and funky jewellery for sale  and all this under flying buttresses balanced like rows of neglected incisors high overhead.  Also, had some ideas about where to submit poems this month.

Finally, writing this has bought back memories of the good habit of writing that I got into for glowwormtravels … just a few words each day like just a few minutes on the yoga mat makes all the difference. 

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