Saturday, September 10, 2011

Spent some time today searching for recipes to use up what seems like an endless supply of runner beans from Sue and Armold's allotment, and french beans, and courgettes. The Leith Vegetarian Bible and The New Cranks Recipes seem OK in theory... more on what it all tasted like later. There's also raspberries and blackberries in abundance ..easier to use as I add yogurt and could eat them at any meal!
The aforementioned raspberries have their own family tree. Imagine 4-5 canes bought somewhere between Southampton and Portsmouth, planted at the end of a family garden probably in the late 1970's. As raspberry canes do they multiplied and we shared them, my Dad planted a few of the next generation in his Kent garden, circa 1985. A bucket full of their offspring were healed  into a small corner of our Northleach garden, neglected while other, sad things occupied our time in 2001. When I moved to Effingham and, its now 2007, these just about surviving canes came with me, well almost -they were planted up the road in Sue and Armold's allotment and have been, without doubt, neglected.  This type of care clearly suits them as they produce masses of wonderful berries and , of course, each ruby globe brings equally wonderful memories. I notice that a new generation of canes are ready. There's plenty to share so you, your spade and a bucket are welcome to collect some of these young ones this autumn. Take home a taste of our history... and begin one of your own.

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