Thursday, September 15, 2011

Poetry Society Stanzas meet up & AGM

Went to my first Poetry Society Stanzas meeting yesterday … well attended, with lots of news about how poetry groups operate all around the country. I’m now wondering if Mole Valley Poets/the Surrey Stanza should link with a South London stanza for an event and have some ideas for next years programme. I really like the thought of everyone bringing a poem they think should not have been published for discussion by the group. Also, I need to let the Poetry Society know what is happening in our stanza on a regular basis.  Once I’ve finished my report from the large piece of research I've just completed I’ll have time for a regular poetry admin hour (or 2) … so I can slot that in there.

The Poetry Society AGM was, unsurprisingly, rather chaotic. Voting for the new Board, followed by energetic discussions about the accounts and continuity whilst in the back office votes were being counted, recounted and counted yet again. After the business meeting five brave poets read, in what were rather challenging acoustic conditions and still we waited. Finally the results, lots of clapping and hopes that this will be a positive turning point with restoration of Arts Council funding.

I’m sure there will be more news on this on soon.

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